• June 4th, 2015

Analysis of the June 2015 Visa Bulletin – Predictions for the Future from DOS

The good news in the June 2015 Visa Bulletin is the EB-2 Worldwide remains current. This is despite word from the Department of State that there was an 80% increase in demand from February to March, and that demand increased more than 100% in April as compared to February. Despite this unanticipated surge in worldwide EB-2 demand, the DOS expects the category to remain current.

However, while this increased demand won’t impact EB-2 worldwide, it is expected to negatively impact EB-2 India in that fewer unused worldwide numbers are likely to be available for EB-2 India. Earlier in the year, the DOS predicted that EB-2 India would advance to July or August 2009 by the end of the fiscal year. But that may not be possible now. For June 2015 though, EB-2 India advanced a reasonable 5 ½ months to 01OCT2008. EB-3 India moved only 1 week to 22JAN2004.

Demand in EB-2 China has been low and may result in numbers falling down to EB-3 China, according to the DOS. In recent months, China EB-2 has advanced by almost 3 years. For June 2015, EB-2 advances a full year from the previous month to 01JUN2013. EB-3 China advanced 4 months to 01SEP2011.

On the family-based side, the DOS indicates that FB-2A worldwide is expected to continue to advance slowly the rest of the fiscal year. For June 2015, the category advanced 1 month to 01OCT2013.

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