EB-3 Professionals,
Skilled Workers, and Other Workers

The EB-3 classification includes individuals with at least two years experience, training or post-secondary education as skilled workers, professionals with bachelors’ degrees, and other workers with lesser skills who can contribute abilities unavailable in the U.S.

The employer will file a Form I-140 Immigrant Petition with the immigration’s Service Center. EB-3 petitions also require an approved Labor Certification Application from the U.S. Department of Labor.

For EB-3 classification as a Skilled Worker, it must be shown that the offered position requires (as reflected in the minimum requirements listed in the labor certification application), and the individual possesses, at least two years of experience, training, and/or post-secondary education.

EB-3 Professionals must show that the position requires, and the individual possesses, a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent.

The Other Workers category are for those positions and individuals with less than two years of training and/or work experience.